Soul – Coloured Pencil (18 x 14)

Tia and Marley

Tia and Marley – Water Colour and Coloured Pencil (20 x 16)

Horse and Rider


Horse and Rider – Oil on Canvas Board (20 x 16)

This commission was for a client who wanted the painting as a birthday present.

Customer’s Testimonial:

So it was Alison’s birthday yesterday and as hoped she loved the painting. Just need to get it the quality frame it deserves and give it pride of place now. Please pass on my thanks to Sandra for such a great piece.



Murphy – Coloured Pencil on a coloured paper



Tiger – Coloured Pencil on a Birthday Card

My Happy Place

A self portrait of me paddling in the rock pools at Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight

my happy place_wmMy Happy Place – Oil on Mount Board



Skyla – Mixed Media (6″ x 8″)

This cute little kitty used to follow me around at work helping me with the dusting and pouncing on my rubbish bag.

My Best Friend


My Best Friend – Painted in H20 Oils on Canvas Board (18″ x 22″).

Original photograph with kind permission of Steve Lyddon a fellow member of the Paint My Photo website


Honey and Fred

Honey and Fred complete_wm

Honey and Fred – Coloured Pencil on Tinted Pastel Paper (16″ x 12 “)