My Best Friend


My Best Friend – Painted in H20 Oils on Canvas Board (18″ x 22″).

Original photograph with kind permission of Steve Lyddon a fellow member of the Paint My Photo website


Honey and Fred

Honey and Fred complete_wm

Honey and Fred – Coloured Pencil on Tinted Pastel Paper (16″ x 12 “)


MaxMax – Coloured Pencil and Gouache

Mas is a mixture of polychromo pencil and black gouache on hot pressed white paper – creating a clean, crisp, colourful image.


ScoobyScooby – Soft pastel on Velour Paper


Mr Chico

MrChicoMr Chico – Coloured Pencil and Gouache

Mr Chico is a mixture of polychromo pencil and white gouache for dramatic effect against a coloured background of pastel paper.


FergieFergie – oil on Canvas Board

Taken from a beautiful photograph supplied by the owners.  No need for any tweaking on this one, I didn’t have to change a thing.


MandarinMandarin – Oil on Box Canvas

Original photograph with kind permission from Pring Photography.


HarryHarry – coloured Pencil and Gouache

Harry is mainly polychromo pencil with a touch of white gouache for his blaze, on coloured pastel paper.


Bert and Paddy

BertPaddyBert and Paddy – Oil on Canvas Board

PaddyPaddy – Oil on Canvas Board

this group of paintings were the final pieces I had to submit for my Pet Portraiture Diploma.  A big thanks you to Mary Gray for the loan of her fantastic photos.  You be pleased to know I passed with Distinctions.


BertBert – Soft Pastel on Velour Paper