Mediums Explained

Mandarin Water-soluble Oil

Realism can be achieved with oils but with a softer look than pencils.  The emphasis is more depth and colour. This medium requires drying time between layers, which all depend on the weather, humidity, temperature and many other factors – this should be taken into consideration if placing a commission with a tight deadline.  You need to allow months instead of weeks from order to completion.


Coloured Pencil

If you like high definition realism then this is the medium for you.  Pencil can be placed on white or coloured paper depending on you requirement.  This medium is best suited to high quality photographs where minute detail is key.

NicTheChick Graphite Pencil

A high quality realism in monochrome can be achieved with graphite.  It’s best kept simple with a white background; although resembling old black and white photographs, portraits produced in this medium look very modern if put into either a plain black or white frame.

Scooby Pastel

Pastel has a very soft and dreamy quality.  Details can be achieved with a very delicate and more impressionistic feel.  There are various types of paper that can be used as a ground and as a general rule they tend to be coloured.